SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™
SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™
SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™
SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™
SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™
SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™
SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™
SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™
Load image into Gallery viewer, SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™
Load image into Gallery viewer, SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™
Load image into Gallery viewer, SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™
Load image into Gallery viewer, SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™
Load image into Gallery viewer, SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™
Load image into Gallery viewer, SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™
Load image into Gallery viewer, SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™
Load image into Gallery viewer, SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™

SPG-7 Golf Practice Net™

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Before you hit the green, you need to warm up and practice. 

The SPG-7 Golf Practice Net allows you to practice and hone your swing ability in the comfort of your own home! We designed this practice net from top premium materials and included exclusive features!

Swing with confidence from your Wedge to your Driver; you will have the confidence to hit thousands of balls. Designed to take a beating, this net will hold up to even the most rigorous of practice sessions. 

One of a kind automatic ball return system that catches the ball's impact and allows it to roll down never touching or bouncing on the floors.

Product Features: 

  • Automatic Ball Return to your feet for constant practice 
  • Instant Set up and Take down
  • Ball rolls gently down not touching the floors 
  • Included target sheet protects and absorbs ball impact 
  • Get instant feedback on your shots 
  • Use for Indoor & Outdoor 

What's Included? 

  • SPG-7 Golf Practice Net
  • Chipping Basket 
  • Bulls-eye Target Sheet 
  • Poles & Ground Stakes 
  • Carry Bag 



7 FT. x 7 FT. x 7 FT. (Option: Roof extends Height to 8.5 ft. angled down) 


23 LBS

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Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Sweet Net

Love how quick and easy it is to set up and take down. Takes a few times to learn the fastest way to close the net, but once you get it, it’s very easy.

The only thing is my net seems to lean to the right, so I currently have it leaning against a post.

Game Changer

Best net all around hands down! The target mutes to ball and allows for a gradual release of the ball back to the golfer! I combined this net with a 5x5 Real Feel Mat! Awesome combination!

Stop Looking at Other Nets and GET THIS ONE

I had a net before this one that ripped open in several places after setting it up only 3 times. The rips were from me hitting balls into it, which is what I thought it was designed for.......stupid me. The rips weren't even in the net, but in the bottom part (the floor of the net); it was horrible and not worth a penny. I won't say who the manufacturer was, but it rhymes with schmalileo. Not only was it poor quality, by the time I finished setting it up I was so angry and frustrated that my swing was all over the place. It literally took me 45 minutes to set up one of those times and their so-called advertisements said it took only two minutes! HAHAHAHAHA STUPID ME!

Anyways, I was on the fence about the SPG-7, but the price was fair (I thought) for what I was getting and the reviews were really good. After my experience with schmalileo, I was dubious about buying another net, especially at a higher price. However, when I received my SPG-7 I immediately knew it was a phenomenal buy because the quality of the net is top-notch. They use quality materials and quality workmanship. It only took me 5 minutes to setup. I even used all 4 stakes just to see how long it took, and I was taking my time, never hurrying. It was actually a pleasure to set up because not only was it quick, it was EASY. The hardest part of it was setting up the roof on the net, which you may or may not need, depending on how you swing. But I say get the roof version because it's much better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. You also aren't required to setup the roof; you can leave it hanging or fold it over the top.

While I was hitting I noticed that some of my balls would fly under the target sheet (hit it too thin) and hit the back of the net directly, which worried me a bit, given my experience with schmalileo. However, when I looked around the back I realized that they already thought of this and reinforced that entire area (where the bottom and back nets meet). Man was I glad to see that. Most of my balls would hit the target sheet and I'd hear a dull thump, which let me know it was working well. Then, magically the ball would return to the front of the net and stay there; so very very awesome. When I was done, it took me 4 minutes to take down and put back in the bag (even with taking down the roof and pulling the stakes). I highly recommend you WATCH THE TAKEDOWN VIDEO before doing it, otherwise you will have a hard time. I followed the video exactly and guess what, it folded perfectly, just like it was designed to. The hardest part of taking it down was packing it back in the bag. I recommend you put the bag over the net after it is folded; don't try to put the net in the bag. Although you can with a little effort (the net is fairly hefty).

So like I said, it's a QUALITY net, with quality materials and quality workmanship (yes I am aware I typed quality 3 times). It's not only quick to set up, it's a pleasure to do so and very very easy. You cannot compare this net to the likes of schmalileo and similar manufacturers. Those other nets are poor quality and are simply a giant ball of s...t. IF you are on the fence about the SPG-7 (or SPG-5), jump off that fence and buy the net. It is well worth the money and certainly worth the effort. I know this net will last a long time and I will love every minute of it. Easy to set up, even easier to take down, and TRULY portable. I'm actually thinking of buying another one (maybe the smaller version) to keep in my car JUST in case I wanna stop by a park on the way home and knock a few balls into it (or I can just keep the net I already have in my car!). The only thing I have not tried is the chipping attachment they give you with the net. However, it looks super easy to setup and it is also made of quality materials. For the money, you cannot get a better net. So I'll reiterate, STOP LOOKING AT OTHER NETS AND BUY THIS ONE..........and I drop the mic.

p.s. I forgot to say that if you don't need the stakes or the roof (you don't need the stakes unless the wind is > 20 mph, which it was when I set up the net), you can EASILY set the net up in less than 90 seconds.

My second SPG-7

Loved my first net. It lasted 4 years outside in the snow, wind, rain, and sun. It was up year round. I’ll take better care of my new one. I love the product...it’s well made with quality materials at a reasonable price. This means value.

Outstanding Value!

I've only had this for a little over a week, but it works great. I grew tired of driving to the range to hit a few balls so i decided to make my own. I stumbled across this net and literally saved over $700 off the net I was planning to purchase. The only downside to this net is it makes a loud "smack" when the ball hits the black target, but you can use the sound to hear how solid your impact was on the ball. Folding it up the first time wasn't a fun exercise and thank God there's a YouTube video showing how to do it. I'm sure in time it will become second nature, but the first time definitely wasn't fun!

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