SPG-8 Instructions (2 People Easier Method)


*Note: Our method of folding for all our SPG nets is the same. However, for the SPG-8 XL Net, since it is made with a thicker frame, heavier frame, we want to show you an easier way to fold 


  1. Lay net flat on the floor 
  2. *One person grab one corner. The other person grabs opposite corner. 
  3. Fold both corners together. Bring it up to your chest. It should look like a shape of a "Taco" 
  4. Lean taco down to either side so it is grounded on one side
  5. *While one person is still holding the taco, have the other person gently tuck in the net (You don't need to force it) 
  6. Then, when the net is tucked in the other person leans on top 
  7. With the two remaining circles, put on top of each other 
  8. Pack away (Video Below)