Video Reviews


I've had this net for about 3 weeks now and I have hit at least 50 balls daily into it - wedges through driver.

Kenneth Song

Buffalo, NY 2018


YouTube Influencer, Russell Rave

Los Angeles, CA 2019


Excellent customer service and nice personal touch from the owner!

Louis Mitchell Jones 

Portland, OR 2018


I love this net!!! My husband wasn't happy with me for buying a net.. until he saw how easy it was to put up and take down.

Karen Z. 

Miami, FL 2019


Independent Reviews

"I had another net that I used on a concrete floor and the balls would hit the net, then the floor and I would have to chase them all over the garage! This net is fantastic! Hit the ball and it lands softly and rolls back to you"

-Frank Modica 


The net is exactly what I was looking for. You can set it up and take it down in about one minute. I was looking for a net to hit balls in my garage and this one is perfect. It might be a little more expensive than some other options, but well worth it in my opinion.

-Nathan Schwinnen 


I love this net. I have it set up in my garage and it works exactly as claimed. The ball is returned to you and it allows me to hit real golf balls inside year round. I would recommend this net for anyone who is serious about practicing.

-Kathy L. Nickel 


Ball return is great, and I can even hit everything from my wedges to my driver into this thing. Setup is ridiculously simple. Take down is also simple after you get the hang of it.

-Richard Bell


I use in the garage over the winter. It is super. Easy to set up and take down although I leave mine up for the duration. Doesn't require a lot of room and the ball return system works way better than I expected. Make it easy to practice.
-Lindsay Trushell