WIN A Spornia SPG-7 At The British Golf Show

To celebrate the British Golf Show, we're giving away one of the best rated net on the planet: the Spornia SPG-7.
The SPG-7 Golf Practice Net allows you to practice and hone your swing ability in the comfort of your own home - inside or outside!

We designed the SPG-7 practice net from top premium materials and included exclusive features, which is why it has been consistently rated one of the best golf nets in the world and used by PGA Pros to aid them perfect their game. 

Enter your name and, phone number and email address below to enter into our giveaway for a chance to win a Spornia SPG-7 Golf Practice Net! 
      Swing with confidence from your Wedge to your Driver; you will have the confidence to hit thousands of balls.

      Designed to take a beating, this net will hold up to even the most rigorous of practice sessions.

      The only golf net that has an automatic ball return system that catches the ball's impact and allows it to roll down never touching or bouncing on the floors.

      Practice anytime, anywhere with Spornia's pop up technology. 

      Set your net up and take it down in seconds. 

      Easily add the included chipping basket to practice and improve your short game.

      See competition rules plus terms and conditions here.

      Competition ends today, the 20th May 2023 at 2pm! We will contact the winner by telephone. Good luck 😊

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1134 reviews

      Easy to set up and take down.

      Net is a 5/5, mat not.

      Well the net is 5/5. A great product. The mat on the other hand seems durable and good quality but when using irons the club bounces and feels hard and doesn’t react like real turf wound and is hard on the joints. Unfortunately had to buy another brand hitting insert to alleviate this problem.

      Great practice

      Love using my net when i cant make it to the range. Quality product. Would recommended to anyone looking to purchase.

      Great net

      I love this net! I was concerned that I may hit the ball over the top of it with higher lofted clubs but I have not done that. It is very well built and sturdy. It is more expensive than some other options but I would spend the extra money.

      NOT a good product

      Not good. It's ripping and falling apart already after a month. What a waste of money.


      Easy to set up, works great.

      Great turf

      Like real grass, doesn’t slip

      Great service and product

      This thing is amazing

      Easy to set up, easy to take down and extremely durable. It is the best value in golf nets!

      Spornia SPG-8 Net

      The Spornia SPG-8 Net has really helped me groove my stroke. I use it in my backyard and it has helped me improve my shots with irons and my driver.

      SPG Golf Chip Net
      Pablo Becerra
      Spornia 8ft net and commercial grade mat

      This is the set up you want to get your beginner shots at a slow swing and help maintain the swing in the winter!

      Great net. did not make the wrong choice.

      Only problem. Every 30 hit the net will lean either right or left. Have to adjust all the time. Hard to make it stable without leaning. Also using the Sim screen. It makes a world of different beside just hitting the ball to the net. Only comment on that , the screen itself is aways curve in on the top and side making the picture a little weird. Due to the leaning and movement of the unit.

      Beside that…. Thought on returning for the last 2 week. End of day. I kept it due to the reason. The price is right. Would have to spend $2000+ if I want it to exactly what I want. And able store it away in 5 min, if I need to.

      Ohh. Did I say the price was right !!!!

      Excellent training tool

      Compact, easy to set up, ball return makes for easy continuous practice. Well made, looks like it'll hold up long term. Target gives some feedback on ball trajectory. Using hard foam balls which give adequate feedback for this advanced player. Nice to have right in the backyard for accessible practice. Very happy this this product.

      Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat
      Jeremy Espinoza II
      Not the greatest

      Leaves residue on my clubs and after hitting on the mat leaves my back very sore.

      Perfect for practice

      The net is perfect to use in my yard or garage. It sets up in less than a minute and folds back up equally as quickly and easily.

      I can’t say enough good things about this net. Handles everything from driver to 60 degree with ease. The wedge net perfectly protects from a full shot to a flop shot.


      If I could just hit it more often. Quality products.

      As advertised

      Very easy to put up and fold down. Appears very durable.

      Outstanding Golf Practice Net!

      I have to say that I wasn't expecting to spend as much as I did for a golf practice net but so glad I did. SPG-7 is just about perfect for indoor and outdoor use. I've set mine up in my basement for winter practice but I'm thinking of moving it to the backyard to get some full swing practice for the last couple months of our golf season. My basement has a 7 ft high ceilings and the net height exactly fits. The soft cloth target impact zone quietly absorbs the impact so I can practice without disturbing anyone. So glad I bought this one and didn't go the cheap route, just wished my ceilings were taller.

      Quality and value.

      The SPG-7 is just what I was looking for in a practice net set up. Prior to purchase, I viewed a number of YouTube videos, and they all had positive things to say. It was fairly simple to set up and the materials feel like they will last for some time. I would recommend this practice net to anyone hesitant to spend the extra few dollars—I believe the quality and value make it a great buy.

      I’m happy with the purchase

      Bought the compact edition and it works perfectly in my small garage

      Golf Simulator Target Sheet - White (3 Sizes)

      SPG-7 Practice Net

      Solid net, works great in my backyard. Love the ease of setting up and taking down.

      The best golf net period!

      It takes me 2 minutes to set up and about 4 minutes to take down and put in the bag. It is so easy and best of all, it is quiet!

      Weigh your options, do your research

      Rhapsodo-quirky, I know my yardage per club and this unit consistently measures 10 to 20 yards short. Issues with app crashing occasionally. No landscape mode? Quite a few emails with Rhapsodo cust. service didn't really help, but they were attentive to my issues.
      Mat-I rarely hit a shot fat when on the course, but with this mat(prostrike) you can only "take" a minimal(and I mean minimal!) amount of the turf on your swing or you will feel your club drag substantially which is nothing like hitting on real grass. Unless you are a golfer who hits every shot perfectly, I would not recommend this mat.

      Solid net

      The practice net is very good the target sheet really eats the sound from the shots which is nice and the balls roll right back which is very convenient. The only slight issue is the stitching in the bottom corner of the net was coming out immediately after set up but it really doesn’t matter. Also the net leans a decent bit to the right that could be from my garage but I thought I’d mention it. Overall good product I would certainly recommend it.