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I just love the Spornia ProStrike Commercial Golf Mat. It’s a perfect match for my Spornia net. I highly recommend it recommend no less than the 5 foot model. I’m 6’ tall and it is perfect size for everything from wedges to drivers. If you’re looking for a mat to travel with, this probably wouldn’t be your best choice. As far as I’m concerned it’s way too heavy to lug around.


Both the mat and net are exceptional. Hit every club in the bag full on with real balls and both passed the test with flying colors. The inclusion of a towel and glove was a nice touch though being left-handed the glove was of no use. The instructions to set up the net were poor and the instructions on how to take down was not much better. Had to go to YouTube to actually see how it folds up. Don’t think I will be opening and closing the net that often.

Great Net

This net is easy to set up and take down. It’s fantastic!


Everything has worked perfectly. Paired with my projector and sim golf has never been better!!

Exceeding my expectations!!!

Great practice mat that exceeded my expectations!

The SPG-8 is huge. Well over 1000 balsa hit into it and it has caught every one. It’s also extremely easy to set up and take down. The dura-pro mat is amazing as well. Realistic feel and “turf” interaction. Last but not least, customer service at Spornia is amazing! From order placement to delivery there were absolutely no hiccups. 100% recommend!

SPG-7 Golf Practice Net


Incredible customer service and the net lives up to the hype. It’s massive! Got it 3 days ago and hit 500 plus balls and my 13 year old has hit at least that many without a single one getting by the net. Fast delivery and the product seems extremely durable. Would 100% recommend!

Attachment tab woes!!!

The sheet itself was fine. However, two of the velcro attachment tabs were not sewn on properly. One fell off upon trying to attach it to the net. I ended up having to safety pin them to the sheet in order to have the sheet spread out evenly across the net. I thought these were higher end products. The quality of the sheet reminds me a lot of the low end golf products coming from China.

Great Net

Everything you’d want in a net. The SPG-7 is bigger in person than it looks online. It’s quiet & rolls the ball back to you. Underrated part about the net is the return system stops the ball from bouncing on the floor after it hits the screen.

Spornia SPG-8 Golf Net

Really like this net, very well built and works great!!

SPG-7 Outstanding!

The SPG-7 is an outstanding product. The setup takes less than 10 minutes, which is very important as I’m using it in my garage and I don’t let my cars set outside. I do have to admit that taking it down is not quite as simple. I am getting better at it, but it does have a learning curve.

Not tall enough!

The nets just aren’t tall enough for shanked shots from 10ft from the Spornia back drop / net.

Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop.

Besides taking lessons, getting this net is the best thing I’ve done for my golf game. I have mine set up in the garage for now. I hit a lot of balls into this net and it has been standing up nicely. If you’re on the fence, do yourself a favor and get one of these nets and enjoy watching your score drop.

Side extension

too short in height to cover side fully. Probably due to being 8’ away needed by launch monitor. Add a curtain behind to get full coverage

Perfect. Easy up easy down. I still suck but love the product.

R10 golf net bundle

I use it everyday. Best golf investment I have ever purchased.

Shank guard

Based on my set-up on a 6x5 Matt just outside the net base, I really don’t need the side net. It’s more for the longer lengths.


Really high quality net for a small space, I hit driver into it with no issues.

SPG-7 Golf Practice Net
Nathan Mathiot
Quality product, Will last for years

Super easy to setup and take down which is exactly what I wanted. I love the auto return and target sheet is made of quality material to take a beating. The carry bag to store the net when not in use is constructed to same quality as the net. Worth the money and buy yours today.

SPG-7 Golf Practice Net
Chris Wiszowaty
#1 net and service!

All I can say it that the quality of the net AND the customer service is second to none! Way to go Spornia!

Amazing net

This net will handle all you can throw at it. Simply amazing

Great products

Purchase the SPG-7 net and enjoy it. Works with the space, the return ball is awesome, the balls tend to fall and consolidate in the same location making it easy to recover. I also purchased the side nets and projector screen for when I move the net inside during the winter months.