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Our net arrived broken

Our net arrived with a strap broken. I am requesting a new net. The mat is in excellent condition

Side net problem

Net works great. Side extension net not so much! Side net wast of money.

It is BIG!

Installed the 8 in my “man cave and it has performed flawlessly.

Great addition to my Basement

My son was begging me for a practice spot inside so I cleared a spot in my basement. Got the 7’ net. My ceilings are 8’-8” so I was a little worried about clearance. So far no problem at all. Net works great. It’s quiet and the ball return feature is awesome. We have it set up with the Garmin Approach and captures the shots nicely even with a little shorter ball flight distance than Garmin recommends due to space limitations. Bought one side net to catch shanks of my sons friends…just in case. Thanks for being a supporter of Fire and Rescue!

Great net

Got the xl. Not sure if i needed the extra size but didn't wanna risk it. Great net and will last awhile. 100% worth the money if you are tempted to buy.

Golf Simulator Screen
Michael Holland
Still Waiting

I still have not received my simulator screen which was ordered more than 15 days ago. I communicated with support that the package I received contained the golfing net but also contained net extenders which was not ordered and did not contain the simulator screen. Such an easy fix and a package should have been sent right away to rectify the situation. Very disappointing.

Bulls-Eye Target Sheet
Billydan Morgan Sr

Great net !!!

Great Product

I bought the SPG7 to use in a single car garage simulator due to its compact and ease of use nature. I was not disappointed to see how simple the net was to setup and tear down when not in use. The customer service was also fantastic and the team was very courteous. This net along with a CCE 3x5 mat and a Garmin R10 makes a perfect at home golf simulator for a single car garage around the $1k mark.

Spg-8 awesome net

This is the best indoor net on the market. It is worth every penny.

Great hitting net

I am impressed with this hitting net. I tried going the bargain route and bought a few cheaper nets before ultimately choosing the SPG-8. I should have saved myself some time and ordered this first. I love how quiet it is when hitting into it.


Nice product, very happy with my purchase

Awesome product

Put it in the garage and love it


Best golf net that I have own so far.

Simulator screen

What a great item, I ordered it along with the 7 because it twas the only one that would ship to Hawaii. For some reason they wouldn't ship the 8 here, even though the cost for shipping was crazy as it was with the 7 and the extra items I got. Needless to say it holds up really good with all shots, ball speed above 125+ and I am not seeing any wear marks so far. I would recommend taking down the black screen behind it which comes with it so you can easily see your projector, if not you will have a huge circle coming through the white. Ball return is a great feature on this as well

Garage golf studio

Product was delivered within a week of ordering. Spornia 7 net fits the garage space perfectly - the ball return is a plus. Mat is high quality and it’s bonus that real tees can be used. Perfect purchase to get rid of the winter golf blues!

Spornia SPG-5

Absolutely the best practice bet around. Incredibly easy setup and compact fold up. Thanks guys!


Very pleased wit my new net - easy to set up and move- quality is great- simple directions.

Very Happy!

I did a lot of research on nets and the 7' net did not disappoint. It's well made, shipped fast and easy to assemble/disassemble. Highly recommended.

Side Net must have for average golfers

Initially, i didnt think i would need the side net, but for a variety of reasons because of my setup i was not swinging like i would on grass or the course so i was topping the ball and shanking it. I have found as long as i am hitting well and hitting into the net i feel confident and swing well, but the moment i shank one and it bounces off the wall and into my neighbors yard, i lose confidence in the setup and then start unintentionally pulling back my swings which causes more shanks. having this net is just peace of mind and gives me confidence in the setup to stop any rouge shots. I set it up and played 9 holes with my simulator, didn't hit the side net once. but i was glad i had it.

They got it Right !

The design and functionality of the hitting net is simply ingenious. Easy up easy down and requires no weighting or tie downs as it’s 100% free standing . The netting material is of a durable grade and thickness and the frame is adequately designed to withstand years of use. Materials used are surprisingly on the upper end of the engineering scale for a home indoor range net.

Great Value

It’s the perfect fit for my garage and use. Not too expensive and easy setup.


Great product! Easy to connect

Size is everything!

I loved the size of the net and how quite the net is. Easy to set up compared to any other net I’ve had in the past.

Side net to save my drywall

Bought a 5' side net to hopefully 'steer' my shanks back into the actual net (also a 5' size), and to reduce the dents and scuffs in the drywall. I'm in a condo space with just enough room - it's been a learning experience.

From what I can tell, it's been effective? Just a little bit of tension and the shank shots seem to not dent. Better than before at least. The net itself did not extend out as far as I would hope, and sits fairly low. I had to change up how the side netting attached to the main unit so it would cover the areas most shanked at.

It's working out for me, but not sure how much it would help if higher shank shots didn't have a wall to run into. I imagine most would simply fly over the side netting if it were flush/parallel with the ground.

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