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Great Net!!

I have only had SPG-7 Spornia® Academy Commercial Golf Mat Bundle for about a week, but absolutely love it. It is a breeze to set up. As advertised, just a couple of mins, and you are hitting balls. It does a wonderful job of stopping the ball, and putting right back at the front of the net. I absolutely would buy it again. Highly recommend!!

Spornia 7 ft

Have been using my net every day since it arrived last week, it’s way better than I could have imagined, love it


It’s a Christmas present. It’s still in the box.

Wow. So easy to set up and returned every ball

My title says it all and taking it down was even easier.
Great product

Great net - pain to fold

This net is awesome. Handles full speed shots from a driver. No issues with its functionality for
purpose. I like to take mine down after use but have noticed it isn’t the easiest to fold down to the right size for its carry bag. I’ve been leaving it up in my garage lately but my car is sad it lost its warm parking spot during our single digit degree winter. Oh well. Gotta be able to feed my golf addiction during the winter!


Not my 1st net. What a great product . You guys thought of everything even when I hit my occasional shrank..

Side net

Works great!

Extremely Impressed

I use the SP7 in my living room during the winter for practice and sim rounds. I can use it for every club in the bag, Driver to 60° without issue. The projection screen is awesome for my Mevo+ set up and it handles my ball speed on my best drives up to the 170s like a boss.

One of the best golf purchases I've ever made and I wholeheartedly recommend it


I really like this net. Good quality, easy to set up. I have it set up in my garage so I have not taken it down yet. It took about 3 min to set up and to start hitting balls. I would recommend this net. The ball returns right back to where it started. I think this net is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Plenty of room to hit full shots. The delivery was fast and was delivered in great shape. I practice 8 foot from net and use a ball launcher and it works great!

Great net for a smaller space

The net is easy to set up and take down and catches full wedge shots IF you were very concerned about your ceiling and had the room, step up to the large net.

Great Product

I have been using the net for a week or so now and have enjoyed it very much. The design with the ball return is a great feature for not having to chase things around very much.

Fantastic Net

This is a great net, everything I hoped for and then some. Works really well with my Garmin R10.

Just as good as the 7’

Bought this for my small living space after using my friend’s 7 foot version. No issues with driving/hitting/chipping. The white target tape did stick to itself during transport, and tore a little when I peeled it apart. But it’s only cosmetic damage, and very little at that.

Great Practice Net

Man, I love this thing. Easy to put up and take down. Seems durable.

Target screen

Just what i needed.

Awesome target, well made, quiet

Great little target that's well constructed, can take an impact from a real golf ball (or foam / practice balls) and is quiet while doing it. Wonderful company!


Easy to set up and love it!

Would give it 6 stars if I could

We purchased a 5' SPG-5 net for our daughter to hit downstairs during the winter months and she absolutely loves it! The net was easily set up in less than ten minutes, is of very high quality (well worth the price), and works perfect in compact spaces (they do sell larger ones if you're looking for that). The auto-return net feature is also nice not to have to chase golf balls after each swing. I've already told several of my golf friends about this net and will continue to do so. You can even hit a driver into it full-swing! One other note, I also want to comment on the Spornia support staff - I had an issue with the target paint peeling in a few spots on the impact net - just emailed to ask about it and they sent me a new one no questions asked! Great support, they stand behind their product and I love the fact that our daughter (and I) can hit downstairs in winter! Great product!


Less than 5 minutes to set up or put back in the bag. I like the ball return feature
This will keep me fresh through the Winter months.
Fast Ship also.

Very good

The mat appears to be very good quality. It is new so I will have to see how it holds up with use and weather exposure. I very much like the size, 5’ by 5’. The mat has enough surface area so I can rotate my hitting/impact areas which should help with wear of the mat. The price was very competitive for mats of this size and thickness.

Updated Review: 5 Stars

***Update 11/18: I spoke with the owner and we were able to agree on a satisfactory resolution. Throughout this process, Spornia has been very responsive and you can tell they genuinely care about their customers. For the money, you will not find a better golf net and I highly recommend their products.***

I received my SPG-7 net in March 2022 and have used it almost everyday since. Set up is easy and the netting/target sheet is very durable. My issue with the SPG-7 is related to the material that covers the metal frame. Earlier this month, I noticed the material was ripping and the metal frame was exposed. I contacted Spornia's customer service to inquire about getting a replacement as I was still in the 1 year warranty period but the best they would offer was a discount on a new net as they felt the defect was due to sun exposure. Buyer beware if you are using the net outside in the sun. Spornia will not honor the warranty.



The order was completed quickly. This is for Christmas and will be opened by a 15 year old golfer who specifically requested your product


This net is amazing for golf practice. Plenty big and very portable. Catches driver shots no problem and snags mishit irons with ease. Paired it with a Sim Turf EZ Tee Hybrid mat and Garmin R10 and I have an awesome home set up to practice or play a simulated round any time!

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