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Great product! Highly satisfied!

Spornia 7

Super easy to assemble. Use it in the garage everyday. Very happy with the net and mat.

Both the mat and the net are great. The net is sturdy and very easy to set up and take down. 7ft version is a good size all around. Ball return feature is nice and it folds up for compact storage. The mat is great to hit off, the right balance between softness and feel when striking the ball. Holds a real tee well. Would highly recommend both.

SPG-8 Golf Practice Net
Joseph Gallagher
High Quality, Easy Set Up

Let me note that I have only had this net for about a month But:
It sets up much easier than other nets I have had in the past….under 5 min set up time.
The quality is very high and you are able to utilize all clubs from driver to pitching wedge
Take down is a little tricky at first but with a little practice it too is 5 mins to take down and put away
Note This is a large net and acts as a big sail….you are limited to days to use based on wind conditions. If you utilize the tie downs and sand bags it makes a significant difference

Awesome practice net! Setup and take down is so easy.
I had another practice net, but this net is sweet. I would definitely recommend it!

They sent me the wrong pole

And I followed up and no one answered.


Shopping and delivery of my order was exemplary. Thank you.

ProStrike Mat

Fantastic mat. Very spongy and easy on the wrists and elbows. Would strongly recommend purchase.

SPG-8 Golf Practice Net
Junior Beaurone
Perfect for Home Practice – The Spornia SPG-8 Golf Practice Net

I've been an avid golfer for years, and finding the right practice tools can be a game changer. The Spornia SPG-8 Golf Practice Net is one such discovery, and after three months of consistent use, I'm thoroughly impressed. It's a golfing revelation for both enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The first thing that struck me was the larger design of the net. It provides ample space to safely practice a variety of shots, which has been incredibly beneficial. The extra room to swing freely without the fear of missing the net adds a level of comfort and confidence to my practice sessions.

The ball return system is a standout feature. It's incredibly efficient, saving me time and keeping the rhythm of my practice uninterrupted. No more walking back and forth to retrieve balls; the SPG-8 sends them right back to me, ready for the next shot.

Durability is a non-issue with this net. It's crafted from high-quality materials that have withstood everything I've driven into it. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the setup is—it takes mere minutes to get started, and then you're good to go. This ease of use extends to its portability. Although I mainly use it at home, I appreciate that I can pack it up and take it anywhere without hassle.

The large heavy-duty target sheet deserves a special mention. It's perfect for honing your aim and gives a satisfying 'thwack' sound when you hit it dead center. This not only adds to the fun but also provides instant feedback on the quality of your shot.

Since incorporating the SPG-8 into my home training regimen, I've noticed a significant improvement in my game. The convenience of having a practice range at my fingertips, anytime I want, has allowed for more frequent and focused practice sessions.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Spornia SPG-8 Golf Practice Net to all types of golfers—whether you're a beginner looking to get into the sport or an advanced player aiming to maintain your edge. It's an all-around winner.

In conclusion, if you're considering a golf practice net that offers durability, ease of use, and quality features to enhance your game, look no further. The SPG-8 is a must-have for any golfer serious about upping their game at the convenience of their own home. Two thumbs up for Spornia for bringing this top-tier practice equipment into the golfing world!

Improve your golf game / make your wife happy!

The SPG-7 golf practice net met all my garage golf simulator needs. More importantly it saved my 52 years of marriage by fitting in 1/2 of my garage. Allowing my wife to park her car in the garage.

Great practice nets!

I'm impressed with the quality of the materials used and construction. Ease of set-up and take down. This net can take the hard hitting driver shots. Great net! Buy it.

So far so good...

It's early spring in PA and the weather has only allowed me to use my Spornia a handful of times, but my experience so far has been great. Setup was simple, and all shots from sand wedge on down have been caught except for one random shank. The target provides directional feedback, and a ball imprint usually remains on the curtain for some time to get a good look at where the ball was headed. I'm confident that the Spornia system will help me to groove my swing.

Sandbags (4 Pack)
Todd Shouse

I have never received the sand bags

SPG-7 Golf Practice Net
Thomas Sampson
Just what I need.

This is the perfect net (SPG-7) for my practice needs. I has a great combo of features that allow me to work on all aspects of my game (well, except putting obviously.) The included chipping net is great. It allows me to get far enough away for real practice with a target to hit at and not have to chase all the balls down (especially the bladed ones!)

The net was a little tricky to setup and take down the first time, but now not a problem at all and can easily set up and take down even if for only a 20 minute practice session. Which was the key for me. Being able to do practice drills that use half swings to practice lag creation and not feel like wasting money at the driving range to hit a bucket of balls with only a half swing.

Tom S.

SPG- 8 Practice Net

Been using the SPG-8 practice net last few weeks in my garage with a Launch Monitor until I figure out my fold room. It set up quickly, sturdy and seems like it will last a long time. I would recommend to buy for sure.


Highly recommend this hitting net and mat combo. I’ve been using it for a month and it is outstanding. The Matt is terrific for hitting fairway woods and irons, feel is really nice.

Best Net Ever

I bought three different golf nets. The first two I returned. After reading the reviews I purchased the Spornia. Unlike the others, it was very easy to assemble and take down. Unlike the others, the ball is stopped by the drop cloth and returned and caught easily. It was worth every penny…you get what you pay for!


Beginner golfer high handicap and I completely love it. Use it outdoors all the time and take it with me traveling to finds houses for quick little golf tournaments we have. Fits nice in the car

Like the portability. Nice Net


Very happy with the set up, able to set up and take down very quick and easy. Have got great info on my metrics and learned a lot from the Rapsodo. Surprised by the list of courses available as a premium member, it’s awesome. Recommend both the net and the monitor.

Replacement Poles
Marta Estevez
Exceptional Customer Service

I purchased the SPG8 practice net for my husband last year. One of the poles broke and when I bought the replacement pole, I accidentally bought the poles for the SPG7. I called the company and was delighted to receive very personalized attention and a quick replacement for the correct part. Their products are great and their service is fantastic!!

White Target Sheet

So far has held up great. Much better than I expected!

Amazing product. Challenge to fold up though.

Not Durable

I've had the Spornia 7ft net for about 60 days now. It has a large hole where the fabric has split from the seams at the top of the net. I'm giving it 3 stars because I set it up once and haven't moved it since I got it and this is the only problem I have. However I was expecting a years worth of use before something like this would happen. The golf mat is superperb.

Target shet

Fits perfect and great with projector.