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Very happy with my purchase


Have really enjoyed the net so far. Does a great job and is plenty big for my setup.

SPG-7 Golf Practice Net
Danny Holifield
Great product

The practice net is easy to put up and works very well.

SPG-8 Golf Practice Net
Matthew Solomon
Pleasantly surprised

I really didn’t want to spend this much money on a net but after I received it I absolutely love it. The ease of setting it up and breaking it down, the durability, the size, the ball return. Everything is great

Thank you

So Awesome!!

Installed this in my garage, somewhat of a permanent set-up. I’m using a Skytrak launch monitor connected to a 45”TV, so I have a great driving range without leaving the house! I can fold the net up against the back wall so I can still park my truck there, but can set up/tear down the whole thing in about three minutes. The net captures balls perfectly so no errant shots bouncing around the garage, and the mat is amazing! Perfect for me!!

Great product , highly recommend

I bought the net this year and have been using it in my garage to hit balls. The net works perfectly and I am very satisfied. Would highly recommend.

This was a Christmas gift and he uses it every day and loves it.

Solid net. I recommend using zip ties to connect the main net with the side netting to eliminate any chance of balls going in between. I put a black zip tie about every inch or two and now it’s one solid piece.

The best net on the market

I love this net! I use it in my house, garage, and back yard with the ability to move it in 2 minutes. I have used another brand net in the past that balls could get through but on on this net. Highly recommended!!!

SPG-7 Golf Practice Net
Dennis Kirkland

Love this net! Perfect size for my garage. Super easy to setup and take down. Quality materials. Highly recommend!

My first driving net

Always wanted a driving net and the Spornia was very highly rated. Originally set up in the garage and worked great but my wife’s home improvements required I find another location. Plans are to set it up on an outside deck which will be done as soon as I get the awning installed.


Love it. It was the only option for me to even have a hitting net

5’ net

2nd gen club pro here. The design is perfection. Easy to set up and rolls the ball right back to you. 10/10.
The small size I got may not be for everyone. Less skilled folks would likely feel better with more room for error. FYI.

Great Net!

Overall I love this net. Super easy and quick to setup and breakdown. Seems sturdy and can take a driver swing to it. Only reason I didn't rate it at 5 stars is because the fact it's so small, it really isn't ideal for using it with a launch monitor that requires you to be fairly far from the impact net. Standing that far away is super risky to miss the net. Otherwise if it's used standing close to it just to hit balls, then it's great!

Nice product

Works well for the intended purpose. Glad to recommend.

SPG-8 Golf net

Love it. Great net to pair with the mlm 2 pro for the garage range. Seems sturdy and it really is easy to put up/break down

It's a great piece of equipment. It's no where's near as easy to fold up as indicated. That's the only problem I have

Dura-Pro Perfect ReACTION Golf Mat Bundle

Spornia 7 ft

Easy set up & quality item. Net returns ball literally back to your feet!

Best Net Ever!

Love everything about this net. Quality, performance, and value all in one!!


Super easy to set up and take down. Very quiet when ball hits and the ball even rolls back to you. Well worth the money!

Great net

Net has been beyond expectation - easy setup / take down and works great with actual golf balls

Seriously! A Phenomenal Package

I got the SPG-7 (and side nets cuz I don’t trust my swing) and I couldn’t be happier. Talk about game improvement! I miss not seeing where my shot goes, but that means my head stays down and I can just focus on rhythm and muscle memory. I’m swinging 4-500 times per week. I’ve NEVER had time or $$ to do that in 30+ years of playing golf. Worth every penny. And did I mention how consistent my swing has become.

The net and target are incredibly durable, super easy to setup anywhere. I had it on my deck for a few days, then moved it under the deck to get out of the rain. Took me about 5 minutes. Then a week later it got very cold, so I moved it into my garage. It’s been there for three weeks now. Get tired? Go swing! Get Angry? Go Swing! Get bored? Go swing! Chiefs win the AFC? Go swing! Go Chiefs! Go Spornia!

Great setup

I’ve had the SPG-7 for over a month now. It’s a great product, very well made and well worth the cost.
I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re looking for a practiced net and/or hitting screen look no further!