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Well built

Mat has been great and you can put your tees in it holds well
And hitting net is amazing easy set up take down in a few minutes and net does take driver no problems

SPG-8 Golf Practice Net
Richard Martin
Exceptional product and service!

I am happy to write this review. I have owned other golf nets and have been very unhappy with their performance. The balls get twisted in the net and sometimes are launched back at me from the net.
My experience with the Spornia net has been incredible. Very well made and simple to assemble. Ball return is excellent. I can use all of my clubs without any problems. I also bought the golf matt and side net. ( you never know when that shank will surface...) I am very pleased with all of it. Very high quality.
Customer service was awesome. I received a notice a few days later from Edward in customer service informing me that they were refunding me $29.99 because two of the items could have been purchased as a bundle at a cheaper price. I was very impressed! Great company, great products and excellent customer service.

Very functional

Got the net and the mat . Both are top notch . Very affordable setup to practice at home . Add inexpensive launch monitor and you're all set to work on your swing . Very happy with quality .

Be prepared to buy your own sand to fill them

Be prepared to buy your own sand to fill them. Also, Spornia will charge you egregious restocking fees if you're not satisfied with the product so be ready for that too.

Practice Net

I have had nets before but was reluctant to use my driver because I did not feel the net could support the pressure the ball would create against the net. It has been working fine at this time. Worth the extra money for peace of mind.

Excellent value for the cost. It covers a much bigger area than I thought. The Side Net Extension paired with one of the Spornia Sports Sand Bands allows me to swing my Driver in the my Spornia Net with great confidence.

This is a very good quality product. The price is very reasonable for four pretty large bags. My only negative is the zipper.

Spornia vs Studio Pro

Spornia is is the best value out there! I sold my professional studio hitting bay because it was too loud. My neighbors complained of the noise and it scared the hell out of my dog. I replaced it with a smaller screen, yet the largest spornia is hitting net. It’s quiet and doesn’t scare my dog or my neighbors anymore. I have one in my vacation home too.
The edge seams do separate from the connector points. I’d like to see the edges reinforced. L
Not a big issue but I do have to emphasize.

Exceptional SPG-7 Net:

I purchased this net based on the wonderful reviews of others. I can say without a doubt this is one phenomenal net. That allows me to quickly set up and break down, but have an awesome experience while using it.

Practice Net

Great product, can hit all clubs into it at full swing!

SPG-7 Golf Practice Net
Richard Hafely

Love the net, only issue is the right strap for the roof top already separated from net. I can only adjust and tighten left side of roof top.

Great Golf Simulator Practice Net at Reasonable Price

I wanted to set up a golf simulator practice area at my house, without spending a fortune. The 8’ practice net is very high quality and durable. The projector screen fits perfect in the net and meets my needs.

Game improvement!

The set up I have with the Rapsodo MLM2 Pro is a game changer, It’s perfect combination and if you hit the ball just right it’ll come back to you😂

Spornia Golf Bundle

The net sets up easy, it is well built. When through my bag from wedge to driver and never missed a ball!

Look no further for a mat and net!

This is by far the best value for a golf mat and net anywhere. I recently added a launch monitor to my garage and with that a mat and net. I spent a lot of time doing research to find the best value I could possibly find. If you’re reading this review you’re likely in the same boat, and also seeing the insanely expensive mats and net setups offered on other sites. I decided that I didn’t want to go with the $150~ Amazon mat because a ton of people recommended getting a quality mat so as to not injure yourself hitting off concrete. This setup is the real deal. The mat is amazing, and after hundreds of shots already, shows no signs of wear or tear out. It’s incredibly plush with a substantial foam padding underneath. The artificial turf is so plush and thick it easily holds tees up so you don’t have to use the rubber ones. It also has enough give to “take a divot” to some extent. The net is well made and very easy to set up, taking me about 2 minutes. It only needs 3 linkable poles to be fully assembled. It takes shots with no problem. The net folds down into itself and stores away in a large bag.
Overall, I can’t say enough great things about this mat/ net and definitely am glad I stumbled onto Spornia to find it.

Everything advertised and more

My Spornia net and Dura Pro mat bundle is everything advertised and more. The net is super fast and easy to set up, high quality. I have probably hit 1000 balls into it so far, including driver and no holes or tears whatsoever. The hitting mat is large and durable. I have been using a Garmin R10 with this setup and everything has been working perfectly. I did a lot of research looking at different options for a practice net and hitting mat and I am happy I made the right choice. A+ Spornia !

Works good!

Works good!

Great product

Very nice net and mat. Easy to set up and easy to store when not using.

SPG-7 Golf Practice Net
Warren Triplett

SPG-7 Golf Practice Net

Easy to assemble and to take down. Very strong material is used.

SPG8 thoughts

Great net system, shank sides defined a must for new golfers. One addition would be an extended roof net to cover the overhead a bit more, especially on the sides.

Great Practice Net for Indoors

The SPG 7 is a great practice hitting net that I used exclusivity indoors. Very easy to set up and move around. The net works as advertised with the ball rolling back to your feet. Hitting in the net is also quieter than I expected—especially in a basement. My only “slight” complaint would be as others have mentioned— the net seems be a little off center even after I adjusted tie down straps. The center bullseye is still a little off centerline, but the net still works great

SPG-8 Golf Practice Net
TJ from NorCal
Great Product

SPG-8 is huge and takes drives, irons, and wedges easily. It leans, but I haven’t used my side netting or sandbags yet.

Great indoor net

I needed a net to use indoors with irons (9' ceilings). Didn't have a lot of room, and this is perfect! Great size, durable. Well made.

SPG-7 Golf Practice Net
Michael Martin

SPG-7 Golf Practice Net